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Plumbing Fitting 0.5 inch

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  1. Half Inch Tee

    Half Inch Tee

    SKU: PL-10008

    Available to order

  2. Half Inch Stop End

    Half Inch Stop End

    SKU: PL-10010

    12 in stock

  3. Half Inch Socket

    Half Inch Socket

    SKU: PL-10007

    48 in stock

  4. Half Inch 90 Degree Elbow

    Half Inch 90 Degree Elbow

    SKU: PL-10009

    Available to order

  5. 0.5 inch 45 elbow

    0.5 inch 45 elbow

    SKU: PL-10018

    Available to order

  6. 0.5 inch Pipe Extender

    0.5 inch Pipe Extender

    SKU: PL-11000

    49 in stock

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6 Item(s)